Motorhome Insurance Guide

Motorhome Insurance is a niche market and as such not all the big insurance companies that you go to for car insurance etc cover it
Motorhome Insurance policies are similar to car insurance policies but have extended options / cover as motorhomes obviously have additional extras vs cars and are usually more costly

Motorhome insurers often include or have as an optional Breakdown cover for the UK or further afield.

A motorhome often will have costly goods such as audio equipment, televisions, satellite tv systems and similar and so check your motorhome insurance policy for details of what is covered.

Most motorhome insurance policies will cover standard fittings in a motorhome such as tv aerials, cookers, furniture etc, some will even cover some base addons such as awnings and generators but check the small print to ensure these costly products are covered

Continental Travel

As motorhomes tend to wander further afield than cars some motorhome insurance policies have some level of European cover, the cover may vary greatly between insurers so again check your individual insurance policies for details.  A motorhome insurance policy from one provider may provide cover abroad but only for a limited timescale / duration or limit the number of trips per year.

Club DiscountsIt may be worth checking with motorhome insurance brokers before taking out a policy to see if any of your club memberships count towards a discount as some memberships to clubs such as the Caravan Club / Camping & Caravanning Club will mean you get a discount, online community membership can also sometimes give some discounts to your motorhome insurance policy such as

No Claims Bonus

Some motorhome insurance companies give discounts based on No Claims Discounts (NCD) years but others do not see this as a factor so again check this when getting quotes.

As you can see when shopping around for motorhome insurance many variables need to be taken into consideration, the canny buyer will check around and get multiple motorhome insurance quotes before parting with their hard earned funds.

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